Escrow Services

Although it is not the most talked-about aspect of purchasing a home, escrow is still a vital component of any real estate transaction! Escrow is an arrangement in which a neutral third party holds the funds and key documents of a home sale, and then distributes them according to the agreement between the seller and buyer.

Because purchasing a home involves managing a lot of money and steps, it is best to have an escrow agent facilitate the transaction. Buyers want to be sure that all contingencies are met before paying the seller, and sellers want to be sure that they receive all funds before handing over the deed to their property. Escrow will ensure accountability on both ends. At RE/MAX Direct Realty, our brokers have assisted buyers and sellers on many transactions, and know the difference a capable escrow agent can make! We are certain you will receive outstanding service from our Preferred Escrow Closers!

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